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Stand on the Broadway Stage with Us!
Study Abroad Program

Joy Kids’ Theater Provides One and Only Study Abroad Experience!!!

*Information Session attendance is required to join the program

August could be the most valuable time of the year for children.

Every summer, Joy Kids’ Theater offers a short-term study abroad program. This program aims to provide a global learning experience to enrich children’s ability to shine in an internationally diverse environment.

★The Program’s Mission

By being away from their parents and home at young age, and living in a different culture for 2 weeks, this program provides participants an opportunity to think and learn how and what does it mean to represent Japan as an individual in the internationally diverse society.

How to Join the Program

START (~February)

Sign up for the Information Session!!

1.Video Audition * We will submit your audition video to the program producer in NYC

2.Audition Result Announcement
  Confirmation and Formal Application (February ~March)(April)

3.Pre-program trainings and online interview (May~July)

4.Orientation (participants & parents) (A week before the departure )

5.Amazing days in NYC and Broadway!!!!


Completing the summer program will make you feel accomplished! Dream big and work hard, then you will feel like a bran-new person after this program!

After the Program

Joy Kids’ Theater will provide opportunities for you to further enriching the amazing 2 weeks Broadway experiences. Participants will be given chances to present what they learned in NYC by performing for the Broadway Live show …etc. 

*Time flame of the program may vary each year

Study Abroad Program Application Requirements

- Age 8+ (3rd grade + at the time of the departure) ~18 year-old.

*There will be 2 different programs (one for 8~14 year-old, and another for 15~18 year-old).

Get details at the Information session.

- One with strong interests in learning and experiencing different cultures are encouraged to apply.  Enthusiasm and motivation will be highly valued!

One and Only! The Most Amazing Summer in NYC!!

Week 1

Morning: English School

*Attend different lessens based on your English proficiency. If you do not need English training, you can attend musical theater trainings.

Afternoon: Adventures in NYC

Take a vocal training or dance class, or let’s go to watch some famous Broadway performances!

The end of the Week 1

Get excited for the Joy Kids’ Theater’s Original Event

Past examples) 2013: Performing participant’s original musical in English and the pizza party!

2014: A real recording experience at the music recording studio in NYC♪


Week 2


Morning to Late Afternoon: Broadway Workshop & Rehearsals

Every day, current performers on Broadway will come to teach you all about theater skills and the business!

You will also rehearse for the final performance with 40 local participants and staff members.

Evening: Free time

You may take extra dance classes, watch some more Broadway shows, or review some songs and steps!

Wednesday of the 2nd Week:

You will see the Broadway star, who will share the stage with you on the final day, performs in the actual show! There will be a special talk-back session with cast members just for us.

The Final Day

Finally! You will Perform on the off-Broadway Stage!

A dream show with an amazing Broadway Star!

Broadway Stars from past years) 2013: Movie “Hair Spray” – Nikki Blonsky (Tracey/Lead Actress)

2014: Musical “Aladdin”- Courtney Reed (Princess Jasmin/Original cast)

The Last Day in NYC:Enjoy exploring the NYC for the last time by shopping, hanging out with the host family…etc.  There will be a big celebration party to complete this amazing experience!


Joy Kids’ Theater Offers More than Study Abroad

1)Home Stay Experience

Participants will stay with an American host family’s big beautiful house, and share days and nights with other international students from all over the world. You will have local and actual living experience in NYC!!!

Don’t forget to enjoy the big backyard and the pool to maximize this amazing hot summer experience!


2)Nutrition/Meal Support

Taking care of health condition is the most important factor of this trip in order for participants to have a successful abroad experience. While being in the foreign country is exciting, it can be stressful, and eating unfamiliar food can cause children to feel under the weather. Therefore, Joy Kids’ Theater provides a specialized nutrition/meal support staff during the program. Every day, the staff will prepare nutritiously balanced Japanese’s based lunch and dinner. 


Host father will also provide traditional American breakfasts to begin the morning feeling energetic! Organic vegetables can be picked up from the host family’s backyard garden too. Joy Kids’ Theater’s staff will promote healthy eating habits. Some picky eaters may come home with new and healthy eating habits at the end of the day!!!!!

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